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Welcome to MEL. Creating a new experience with Swimsuits and Sportswear, from the creative and passionate mind of Melissa Ran. 

MEL was founded in 2018 by Melissa Ran, a CEO for a financial services firm and fashion entrepreneur. Melissa wanted the perfect swimsuit, one that has an amazing sexy design and a fresh premium style but that’s also better at providing body sculpting results. This need developed into a burning desire to give women the chance to own and wear a swimsuit that puts design and the woman’s body first! From the desire, came Melissa’s infinite passion for creating the best swimsuits and active clothing – And thus, MEL was born!

MEL is based on Melissa’s “fetish” for swimsuits and summer vacations on the beach, mainly on her inspiration from perfect Maldives vacations… The first creation was born from a need for a body sculpting, fun, Passionate and fresh swimsuit that was absolutely perfect. Melissa felt that there are a lot of beautiful swimsuits around, but none really hit the mark when it came to providing the perfect figure and cut. She felt she could do it better, make it PERFECT. Melissa knew how a swimsuit figure and silhouette should be and which high-end fabrics to use. So, she designed and made her own swimsuit, showed it to two fashionista friends, and the rest, as they say, is history …

A new brand is born
After that initial creative success, her husband suggested that she produce 50 swimsuits to “test the water”. All 50 items were snatched up within 5 days, so Melissa decided to take the next step in making her fashion dream a reality. She discovered the depth of her creativity and her passion for creating the perfect swimwear and active wear for every woman grew and grew.

At MEL we literally live and breath the brand and are dedicated to its growing success – constantly thinking of new sexy and body sculpting models and designs, sketching ideas, trying out designs and fabrics, always with YOU in mind. All our models are limited editions, of absolute premium design and fit. We emphasise the use of body sculpting silhouettes and fabrics, without sacrificing comfort, in and out of the water.

“Whenever a costumer tells me how my swimsuit design made her beach or summer dream come true, how she finally feels good about herself with a swimsuit, I feel joy and pride and I know I chose the right path”

-Melissa Ran

The people behind MEL

Melissa Ran

Spirit and power of MEL. At 40, with a career of managerial roles and a CEO position, I discovered my calling. My fashion creations are a dream and its best fulfilment. I am a swimsuit and active wear “addict” and collector.

Sandra Ringler

Israel’s leading stylist. A fashion and lifestyle “guru” and fashion consultant for many leading celebrities and the MEL brand. A friend and an inspiration.

Shelly Gafni

Modelling icon forever and presently a business woman, a lecturer and a fashion enthusiast . The inspiration for all MEL-Swimsuits designs.

Orly Reuoveni

VP of marketing at Studio C – fitness and body sculpting centers. A close friend who supported MEL from the get go, believed in me and the brand all the way. A special consultant for MEL-Swimsuits, 24/7, gives advice on everything and at every stage in the company’s development.

Start shopping now and this summer you’ll simply look and feel amazing at the beach, the poolside or the gym. With MEL’s designs, you’re bound to turn heads and feel like the queen that you really are.

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